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Food Issues
GM Crops
Looking for information about GM foods? Genetically modified (GM) food is a term mainly associated with the production of crops. These crops have had their genetic structure altered by the introduction of genes from other plants, animals or bacteria. "Genetically modified (GM) foods are foods...
14 Feb, 2016
Global Food Issues (Links)
Here are some useful links for the study of Global Food Issues Global Food Security United Nations: Food Issues Global Issues: Food World Food Issues : Past and Present (Course)
09 Sep, 2014
Food Matters: Websites
Resources for Food Science http://www.ukagriculture.com/field_to_fridge/field_to_fridge.cfm http://www.efma.org/ http://www.whyorganic.org/ http://www.food.gov.uk/ http://www.ecpa.be/Field2Fork/ http://www.pesticides.gov.uk/home.asp http://www.pan-uk.org/ http://www.eatwell.gov.uk/ ...
20 Sep, 2014
The Future of Food (National Geographic)
The Future of Food (from National Geographic Website) http://food.nationalgeographic.com/
03 Dec, 2014