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16 Dec, 2023
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15 Dec, 2023
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Recent Articles
Feynman Diagrams (Part 1)
Feynman Diagrams (1) In Diagram A : This shows the strong interaction . A proton and neutron are attracted together by the exchange of a neutral...
19 Jan, 2024
Feynman Diagrams (Part 2)
In Diagram E : This represents electron capture. A proton captures an electron and becomes a neutron and an electron neutrino. In Diagram F :...
19 Jan, 2024
Resources for Cambridge Technicals : Level 2: UNIT 1: Science of the Earth
Here are some resources for Cambridge Science Technicals : level 2: UNIT 1: Science of the Earth Tectonics Blog Restless Earth Magnetic...
24 Dec, 2023
Pros and Cons of Renewable Energy
Here are some useful articles relating to pros and cons of renewable energy General: ...
21 Dec, 2023
NEW Flipbook: GCSE Sociology Revision Notes .... Gender
Here is the latest presentation :at GCSE Sociology Revision : Gender
17 Dec, 2023

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A-Level Physics Links
These are general websites, but extremely useful for resources, for teaching and learning! Specific websites for each Unit will be provided during...
15 Dec, 2023
Further Physics : Websites
Further Physics : Websites Lesson P71.1 http://www.schoolsobservatory.org.uk/astro/solsys/ http://antwrp.gsfc.nasa.gov/apod/ap051113.html ...
15 Dec, 2023
Diamondback Rattlesnake
Well, here it was, after just completing a 10km run in Saguaro National Park. Missed it by inches..so nice of it to warn me with its familiar rattle...
15 Dec, 2023