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16 Dec, 2023
Dr.Overy's Scigallery is open at www.scigallery.org/gallery
Updated Articles
15 Dec, 2023
A number of articles are now being updated (December 2023) These will be listed in the Recent Articles section
Best browser?
13 Dec, 2023
Can't see this website clearly? To view the resources (as intended) please download Opera gx from https://www.opera.com/gx Updated on 13th December 2023 by the Administrator
Welcome back......
13 Dec, 2023
Welcome back to the updated website. (December 2023) Loads of resources for you to download. The browser recommended is Opera! opera.com/gx
FREE Resources.....
02 Nov, 2022
Here is an introduction.....a video.... Your browser doesn't support video. Please download the file: video/mp4 All available for FREE at www.webschool.org.uk
Resources now added to The Time Educational Supplement (TES) website.
10 May, 2021
A large number of FREE resources now added to The Times Educational Supplement Resources area at https://www.tes.com/resources/search/?&q=myarizona . All the resources are absolutely free to download and use.
UPDATED : Revision materials for A-Level and GCSE/IGCSE Science
06 Mar, 2021
A Selection of Revision Materials for A-Level and GCSE/IGCSE Sciences For the very latest revision updates go to Recent Articles GCSE/IGCSE Physics Waves Wave Properties Light and Sound Circuits 1 Circuits 2 Circuits 3 Circuit Symbols Pressure Atoms and Nuclear Physics ...
Download SCORM 1.2 files for your VLE
18 Apr, 2020
If you have a VLE , such as Moodle, then you can use files from the Download area to embed revision materials in your website. The files are in SCORM 1.2 format . A quick link to the DOWNLOAD area is here ....or go to the download area from the top menu.
Science Quizzes for GCSE/IGCSE Science and A-Level Physics
22 Mar, 2019
Here is the list of quizzes available. Consists mainly GCSE/IGCSE Science and A-Level Physics The list also contains quizzes on places/locations/animals in the USA.
Flipbooks for students and teachers
22 Mar, 2019
Here is the list of flipbooks available http://globalmatters.org/topics/index.php?CategoryID=185

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