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Amazing Plants
California Coast Redwoods
Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. They grow to heights over 110 metres (360 feet). These trees can survive for up to 2000 years. Fossil records have revealed that the northern hemisphere was once covered with vast areas of these forests. The climatic changes over millions of years...
13 Feb, 2022
The Saguaro Cactus
This is the signature plant of the Sonoran Desert : it does not exist anywhere else in the world It is a tall column-shaped cactus with pleated stems. It can grow to 40' (12m) . The saguaro produces white flowers in Spring. It has a shallow root system, and can absorb gallons of water during a...
13 Feb, 2022
The Creosote Bush
The Creosote Bush produces a gold medal performance in terms of survival! These are plants which offer almost limitless resistance to severe drought and wide temperature fluctuations. They produce clones easily, and spread outwards by through new stems below soil level, as the central parent...
13 Feb, 2022
The Ocotillo
The Ocotillo has numerous long spiny greyish-brown stems. In Spring it provides red-orange tubular flowers. It can grow to 30' (9m). Its shallow roots are widely spread , allowing maximum collection of water. It is able to grow bright green leaves rapidly after a heavy rain. This...
13 Feb, 2022
Coast Redwoods : Presentation (including video+quiz)
Redwood Trees : Presentation (including video + quiz)
05 Apr, 2016
NEW Flipbook : The Creosote Bush
NEW Flipbook The Creosote Bush
02 Apr, 2016