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21st Century Science Support (OCR)
GCSE Physics Examination Techniques
Here is a set of videos to assist in examination technique: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL61CrQOkilivVHZmXf7J9X8-AziEGLu Example Video :
18 Sep, 2015
Where is the evidence for evolution?
There are a number of lines of evidence that converge to tell the story of life through time... These lines of evidence include: Fossil evidence Homologies Distribution in time and space Evidence by example
27 Sep, 2015
How do I choose a suitable topic for a science project or case study?
The exact topic/case study requirements will differ according to your GCSE specification. Use the following information as a guide.... These assignments should arise naturally from work on the course or from an issue that arises while candidates are following the course. They should be...
28 Sep, 2015
NEW : latest GCSE Physics Revision Quiz : Light and Sound
The latest GCSE Physics Revision Quiz is now available ...Light and Sound http://e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/lightandsound/
17 Dec, 2023
NEW : Revision Quiz : GCSE Biology
The LATEST revision quiz has now been uploaded: Biology 1 IGCSE and GCSE Biology : http://e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/biology1/
05 Apr, 2016
Sunlight and Skin Cancer
14 Dec, 2016
GCSE/IGCSE Revision : Electromagnetism and The Motor Effect
The latest GCSE/IGCSE Physics Revision Resource is now available at http://e-teach.org.uk/motoreffect/
16 Apr, 2018
GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry Revision Questions . Topic : Carbon Dioxide and Methane
The latest revision set of questions for GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry is now available on the topic: Carbon Dioxide and Methane at www.e-chemistry.org.uk/quizzes/carbdiox . A SCORM package is also available for downloading in the download area
22 Jul, 2018
21st Century Science Revision: What is the evidence for climate change ? (Activity)
07 Jul, 2019
21st Century Science Revision : How do organisms protect themselves from pathogens?
21st Century Science Revision : How do organisms protect themselves from pathogens? (Activity)
07 Jul, 2019

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