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Earth Science
San Andreas Fault
At 5:12 a.m., April 18, 1906, a powerful earthquake happened along the northern San Andreas fault segment. The San Andreas fault zone is the major fault system in California. It is the boundary between the Pacific and North American tectonic plates. Here is a typical slideslip sequence of...
12 Aug, 2014
Origin of Spectacular Sunsets
What is the origin of spectacular sunsets? Have you ever wondered why sunsets can be such a powerful combination of red, orange and yellow colours? There is some science related to this phenomenon. The starting point is to remember that white light from the Sun consists of a range of wavelengths....
17 Dec, 2023
Biosphere 2, Arizona
Biosphere 2 Launched in 1990, with a vast amount of global publicity, Biosphere 2 is now an established research, teaching and public learning centre. Located 30 minutes drive north of Tucson, in majestic settings, overlooking Canyon del Oro and with glorious views of the Santa Catalina...
11 Sep, 2015