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How Green is your school?
Just how many schools have adopted a policy that addresses many of the issues raised in lessons regarding Green Issues? Far too few, if research is to be accepted.... Make no mistake, from 2006, European legislation required all schools to make public details their energy consumption! Some...
17 Dec, 2023
Lichens as Indicators of Air Quality
You don't need expensive equipment to do research into air pollution. Lichens are good indicators of air quality..... Lichens consist of two organisms living together in harmony, supporting each other's needs in order to survive. This is commonly called a symbiotic association. The fungus part of...
15 Dec, 2023
Origin of Spectacular Sunsets
What is the origin of spectacular sunsets? Have you ever wondered why sunsets can be such a powerful combination of red, orange and yellow colours? There is some science related to this phenomenon. The starting point is to remember that white light from the Sun consists of a range of wavelengths....
17 Dec, 2023
Planet Earth 100 Million Years In The Future
15 Dec, 2023
Biosphere 2, Arizona
Biosphere 2 Launched in 1990, with a vast amount of global publicity, Biosphere 2 is now an established research, teaching and public learning centre. Located 30 minutes drive north of Tucson, in majestic settings, overlooking Canyon del Oro and with glorious views of the Santa Catalina...
11 Sep, 2015
Desert Critters : Life in the Sonoran Desert
A presentation about desert critters...living in the Sonoran Desert, Arizona http://www.webschool.org.uk/critters
22 Mar, 2016
21st Century Science Revision: What is the evidence for climate change ? (Activity)
07 Jul, 2019