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GCSE Revision : Environmental Disasters (Introduction)

The TOP Three Main Global Issues

  1. Climate Change
    The global temperatures are rising, and are calculated to raise from 2.6 degrees Celsius to 4.8 degrees Celsius by the year 2100. This would result in more severe weather, crises with food and basic resources and the increased spread of diseases. The reduction of greenhouse emissions and the spreading of education on the importance of going green is urgently required. Lobbying governments and discussing policies to reduce carbon emissions and encouraging reforestation is an effective way of making progress with climate change. However, this assumes that governments will actually listen, and act , upon your concerns.

    Source : https://80000hours.org/problem-profiles/climate-change/

  2. Pollution
    Pollution is one of the most difficult global issues to combat. Why? This term refers to all ocean litter, pesticides and fertilizers, air, light and noise pollution. Clean water is essential for humans and animals, but more than over one billion people do not have ready access to clean water as a result of pollution from toxic substances, including sewage and industrial waste. It is essential that people all over the world really attempt to minimize the various types of pollution, in order to better the health of the planet and all those living on it.

    Source : https://www.worldwildlife.org/threats/pollution and

    What do sea turtles eat? Unfortunately, plastic bags. | Stories | WWF (worldwildlife.org)

    and Cutting Aviation Pollution | Initiatives | WWF (worldwildlife.org)

  3. Violence
    Violence can be observed in social, cultural and economic aspects of the world. It could be the result of conflict that has broken out in a city, or hatred targeted at a certain group of people, or sexual harassment occurring on the street. It is a preventable problem that has been a major issue for too long. However, with the continued work on behalf of the governments of all nations, as well as the individual citizens, the issue could be addressed and reduced. However, don’t hold your breath for too long with certain governments and individuals

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