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Get your kicks on Route 66...
From Chicago to Los Angeles, US Highway 66 covers a distance of 2295 miles. This short introduction is mainly concentrated on the section within Arizona. In the 1930's, during the Depression, over 500,000 emigrated from the Dust Bowl to fertile lands of California. ...
05 Jul, 2022
Monterey Bay Aquarium
This unique aquarium allows visitors to experience the numerous habitats that are within The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) The Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary (MBNMS) is a protected marine area along the central California coast, ranging from Marin County to Cambria. It...
05 Jul, 2022
Meteor Crater
The crater is 1.2 kilometres in diameter, and 200 metres deep. What conditions need to exist for a crater of this size to be formed? Located 35 miles East of Flagstaff, and a 5 mile drive off Interstate highway I-40, the Barringer Meteorite Crater, as it is known in the scientific...
05 Jul, 2022
Canyon de Chelly
Situated in NE Arizona this is a spectacular canyon, entirely on Navajo Indian Reservation. The beauty of the two deep sandstone canyons rival those of of the Grand Canyon. They are still occupied by Navajo Indians, and there is ample evidence, by the remaining ruins, of occupation by Indians...
05 Jul, 2022
Chiricahua National Monument
Located in SE Arizona, this is an amazing spectacle of extraordinary rock sculptures that have been created by natural erosion over millions of years. This area was once the homeland of the fiercely proud and brave Chiricahua Apaches. About 27 million years ago violent volcanic eruptions...
05 Jul, 2022
The Roadrunner
It has been caricatured in Warner Bros cartoons as a mad senseless runner speeding along roads, but this does not do it any justice at all...... This amazing bird prefers to run rather than fly! It is a member of the Cuckoo Family (Cuculidae). It is a survivor, and a successful predator in...
04 Jul, 2022
The Ocotillo
The Ocotillo has numerous long spiny greyish-brown stems. In Spring it provides red-orange tubular flowers. It can grow to 30' (9m). Its shallow roots are widely spread , allowing maximum collection of water. It is able to grow bright green leaves rapidly after a heavy rain. This...
13 Feb, 2022
The Creosote Bush
The Creosote Bush produces a gold medal performance in terms of survival! These are plants which offer almost limitless resistance to severe drought and wide temperature fluctuations. They produce clones easily, and spread outwards by through new stems below soil level, as the central parent...
13 Feb, 2022
The Saguaro Cactus
This is the signature plant of the Sonoran Desert : it does not exist anywhere else in the world It is a tall column-shaped cactus with pleated stems. It can grow to 40' (12m) . The saguaro produces white flowers in Spring. It has a shallow root system, and can absorb gallons of water during a...
13 Feb, 2022
California Coast Redwoods
Redwoods are the tallest trees in the world. They grow to heights over 110 metres (360 feet). These trees can survive for up to 2000 years. Fossil records have revealed that the northern hemisphere was once covered with vast areas of these forests. The climatic changes over millions of years...
13 Feb, 2022
More downloads available
Many more downloads are now available. Most of these are in SCORM 1.2 format. Suitable for use in Moodle and other Virtual Learning Environments . Quick link to the downloads area is here
05 Mar, 2021
Rip-Off Strategies by Software Companies
Once upon a time you could buy software for a price, then it was yours to keep, forever. Nothing else to pay....ever. You could pay an additional payment to get upgrades for a yearly price. These so-called upgrades are normally just improvements on the software to correct bugs that the makers...
20 Feb, 2021
A-Level Physics Presentation : Dynamics
The latest revision presentation is now available online. The subject is A-Level Physics, and the topic is Dynamics. The presentation includes a set of revision questions. The presentation can be accessed here
13 Feb, 2021
Revision Questions for GCSE Physics. Topic : Dynamics
A set of revision questions is now available to download in the download area (SCORM 1.2 package) An online version can be accessed at www.goscience.org/dynamics OR www.e-physics.org.uk/dynamics
12 Feb, 2021
Looking for flipbooks ?
The link to list all the flipbooks available is here. Many are for GCSE and A-Level Sciences. Alternatively just enter flipbooks in the search box on the top of the homepage.
07 Feb, 2021
KS4 Psychology Revision Quiz: Memory
A revision activity for GCSE Psychology is now available. The topic is Memory. Available here
02 Sep, 2020
KS4 Psychology Revision : Social Influence
The latest revision resource (quiz) for GCSE Psychology is now available. The topic is Social Infuence . Available here
02 Sep, 2020
GCSE/IGCSE Biology Revision : Cells
The latest revision quiz for GCSE/IGCSE Biology is now available. The topic is Cells. Available here.
01 Sep, 2020
GCSE/IGCSE Physics Revision : Introductory Electronics
The latest GCSE/IGCSE Physics Revision Quiz is now available here The topic is Introduction to Electronics
27 Aug, 2020
GCSE/IGCSE Physics Revision : Transfer of Thermal Energy
The latest set of questions for GCSE/IGCSE Physics is now available. The topic is transfer of thermal energy . The resource is available here
26 Aug, 2020
GCSE/IGCSE Revision Questions : Electricity
The latest set of revision question for GCSE/IGCSE Physics is now available. The topic is Electricity. You can access the resource here
25 Aug, 2020
GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry Revision
The latest GCSE/IGCSE Chemistry Revision Topic (Terminology) can be found here https://www.webschool.org.uk/2020/08/16/gcse-chemistry-revision-terminology/
17 Aug, 2020
Do you need to find presentations (some with quizzes) ?
All you have to do is to type presentation in the Search Box, OR go to http://globalmatters.org/topics/index.php?View=search&s=1&in=all&q=presentation&sb=
01 May, 2020
Just for fun....examination bloopers...
14 Apr, 2020
Mitosis (Biology Revision)
14 Apr, 2020