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02 Nov, 2022
Your browser doesn't support video. Please download the file: video/mp4 All available for FREE at www.webschool.org.uk
Resources now added to The Time Educational Supplement (TES) website.
10 May, 2021
A large number of FREE resources now added to The Times Educational Supplement Resources area at https://www.tes.com/resources/search/?&q=myarizona . All the resources are absolutely free to download and use.
UPDATED : Revision materials for A-Level and GCSE/IGCSE Science
06 Mar, 2021
A Selection of Revision Materials for A-Level and GCSE/IGCSE Sciences For the very latest revision updates go to Recent Articles GCSE/IGCSE Physics Waves Wave Properties Light and Sound Circuits 1 Circuits 2 Circuits 3 Circuit Symbols Pressure Atoms and Nuclear Physics ...
Download SCORM 1.2 files for your VLE
18 Apr, 2020
If you have a VLE , such as Moodle, then you can use files from the Download area to embed revision materials in your website. The files are in SCORM 1.2 format . A quick link to the DOWNLOAD area is here ....or go to the download area from the top menu..
Science Quizzes for GCSE/IGCSE Science and A-Level Physics
22 Mar, 2019
Here is the list of quizzes available. Consists mainly GCSE/IGCSE Science and A-Level Physics The list also contains quizzes on places/locations/animals in the USA.
Flipbooks for students and teachers
22 Mar, 2019
Here is the list of flipbooks available http://globalmatters.org/topics/index.php?CategoryID=185
A-Level Physics : Link to all activities
19 Jan, 2019
Here is a quick link to all the sets of revision questions for A-Level Physics... http://globalmatters.org/topics/index.php?View=search&s=1&in=all&q=a-level+physics+quiz&sb= OR you can use the SEARCH BOX to find a set of revision questions for a specific topic......
(November 2018)..Updated Revision Activities in IGCSE/GCSE and AS-Level Physics and GCSE Biology
09 Nov, 2017
Note : Please check the Recent Articles for the latest quizzes entered in 2019 GCSE Physics X-Rays in Medicine : http://e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/xraymed/ Waves : http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/waves Light and Sound : http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/lightandsound/ Circuits 1...
A-Level Physics Revision : Measurements and their Errors (AQA 7407/7408)
09 Sep, 2017
The latest A-level Physics Resource is now available. It is a presentation intended for AQA A-level Physics 7407/7408 It includes an embedded set of revision questions http://www.e-teach.org/measurements/
Measurements and their Errors (updated quiz)
07 Sep, 2017
Here is the latest updated/corrected revision quiz to support AQA Physics 7407/7408 Topic : Measurements and their errors http://www.e-physics.org.uk/quizzes/measure

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